Pilsen defends first place in Slovácko, Slavia will perform in Hradec

Just before Friday midnight, Mlada Boleslav can get first if it does not play for Bohemians.

When he hesitates, there is a chance for Zlín.

And in the evening there can be back Pilsen, who is waiting for a duel on the Slovácko playground.

Six matches are played on Saturday and only on Sunday, when Sparta hosts Jihlava.

By the way, the Pilsen Spartan is in the program a week.

The newcomer finally got to the stadium for the first time in the season, he has played home games in Mladá Boleslav. Will he win? After a promising start of the season, he failed, winning only one of the last five rounds.

“Slavia has great quality, strong ambitions and strong foreign shareholders.After the coach replacement, the game room is also running. The damage is very unpleasant in the penalty area. Jarda Zmrhal on the left side can cause problems, a big footballer is growing up from Tonda Barak and we must not forget the Mešanovice who has a goal of a phasone, “warns Hradec coach Bohuslav Pilný. Slavia under the new coach Šilhavým on the contrary, won derby at Sparta, defeated Liberec and Karvina and did not score for 272 minutes.

“Hradec plays for the first time at home and will have great motivation, but we want to score and we want to keep the winning series. Being a competitor certainly has quality, we just want to succeed there, “said Jaroslav Šilhavý.

The second newcomer to the last table team.For both the most important match.

After two outdoor defeats in Pilsen and Slavia, Karvina returns to its stadium, where from three duels it has won seven points.

“We have three home games behind us. Especially the ones closest to Příbram and Teplice are very important, both rivals are behind us and we want to keep them, “says Karvina coach Jozef Weber. Pribram won only one of the last seventeen league matches, this year she picked up just three points for victory over Teplice.

“Our situation is very critical. During the break, it was unpleasant, but we tried to work on it. We are being stripped of individual mistakes and a bad ending.I think the players are well prepared, but then it’s up to them to believe on the pitch. This is what we are missing yet, “said Petr Rada in Příbram.

Teplice did not win at home this season, three times in a row. They have only one unarmed league team against each other.

Zlin scored bet live in all four outdoor matches of the season, the last three won and all two goals. With nineteen goals scored, it has the best league offensive.

“The opponent is a sleeping bear. We must not tease him too much to wake him up. His strength is wide. It is hard to predict the team that will take up against us. Teplice is a team that can play good football. We want to score, to build on our successful results.The break has helped us to scratch the shit. Besides the Živulice are all available, which is our advantage, “said Zlin coach Bohumil Páník.

Dukle is doing well in Liberec, the last two matches won 5-1.

“Liberec is not exactly the top team like Sparta or Pilsen, but it is of great quality and I think it suits us when our opponent wants to play football. I think it could be a good match. And with all due respect to Liberec and its quality and experience from the European League, so I think we have a great chance to win, “said home midfielder Marek Hanousek.

Liberec won only twice this year.

“We have won, some players are healing and that’s good. On the other hand, we are going to Dukla, where the Slovan does not cope.I have to praise Dukla, I saw her at home with Bohemia and Brno and played modern football. On the other hand, we feel that if we succeed, we can turn the league a bit, break, “hopes Liberec coach Jindřich Trpišovský. Jablonec is waiting for seven rounds to win, with 17 goals collected having the worst defense of the league. In the week he was out of the home for a penalty on the Triple King’s court.

“We are waiting for one of the most important autumn matches because we have lost a lot of points.It is very important that we prepare ourselves mainly psychologically, “stressed Jablonec coach Zdenko Frťal.

Brno was the last to draw with Sparta, out of eight matches he has five draws overall.

to build on the euphoric course and the conclusion of the Sparta match, even in terms of performance. At the same time, we can eliminate individual mistakes that precipitate us. We definitely will not rely sports betting bonus on a hurry system. We would like to leave with a point gain, ideally with three points, “says Brno coach Svatopluk Habanec.

Slovácko in the league did not beat Pilsen sixteen times in a row, last won ten years ago. “Pilsen has a very strong team, and at each place there are two good players.But we play at home and we want to suffer Pilsen and not just a sparingpartner, “he hopes Stanislav Levý, coach Slovácko.

Pilsen, after the sleepy introduction, won her five prizes in the first place. “We want to continue what we set last month. This means a good result and a game being played. We are a favorite and we want to confirm it. Our opponent will try to make us uncomfortable, it will be available to us, so we are pushing players to play fast to show our quality, “said Pilsner coach Roman Pivarnik. Sparta with Jihlava in the league in ten matches did not lose. The last duel in May ended with a 5: 0 win, all goals given by Lafata.

“I think we have a lot of writing about our marod.We have young players from Strahov and we hope they will help us to make the match, “said Zdeněk Svoboda, a Spartan assistant.

Jihlava is the only team in the league without a victory, her coach Michal Bílek played for Sparta , he won seven championship titles with her and then coach her as a coach. ”

” We know we have few points and the situation we are in. Still, we want to score on Sparta, “said Bílek.

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